Apart from the huge domestic market for heating oil, Western Fuel supplies high grade oil for a range of industries, which includes heavy goods vehicles, earth moving equipment, as well as construction plant and machinery.

In the construction industry, generators are widely used to provide onsite power and let’s not forget the farming community, who rely heavily on our regular red diesel deliveries for a wide range of uses.

We also supply essential lubricants that keep the machinery running smoothly, and over the years, Western Fuel has developed the necessary infrastructure to provide essential fuels and lubricants to a range of industries throughout Somerset, Devon and Dorset – and across the South West.

Red diesel for farming work

A farmer’s tractor is very much his workhorse and is used for many tasks around the farm, and large farms will have many agricultural vehicles, which makes for a heavy fuel demand.

Farmers have suitably sized fuel storage tanks, and always have at least two weeks supply at any given time, and by using Western Fuel, you can enjoy very competitive rates and what’s more, we deliver to your door.

Premium grade engine oil and other specialised lubricants are also essential, and whatever your needs in that department, Western Fuel have you covered.

Emergency deliveries

In the event you are running low on essential fuel, we have an emergency service that ensures prompt delivery, and regardless of the weather, you can always rely on Western Fuel to deliver on time.

We have built our reputation on reliability and with a service that is second to none, we are the people to talk to if you need an emergency fuel or lubricant delivery.

Heavy goods transport

Haulage companies typically have their own fuel depot, where premium grade diesel is stored to fuel the fleet of heavy goods vehicles, and we have many such customers in the South West who depend on our regular deliveries.

Being such a major player in the premium fuel and lubricant sector allows us to offer our customers very competitive prices, and with rising costs, every business is trying to save where possible.

The construction industry

Essential plant and machinery depend on diesel fuel and at Western Fuel, we have many builders who rely on our regular deliveries throughout Somerset, Devon and Dorset.

Plant hire firms are another sector we service, as they also depend on regular fuel and lubricant deliveries, and whatever your fuel needs, we are the largest distributor in the West Country and are always happy to provide a competitive quote.

If you have a need for premium fuel or lubricants and are based in the South West, give us a call on 01278 431451 or email info@westernfuel.co.uk.