Do you run a company where fuel is used on multiple vehicles on a daily basis? Then you’ll need to keep track of all the fuel used by your drivers.

This is something you should be doing anyway, but it’s even more important with multiple drivers.

If you’re trying to figure out how to become more efficient with your fuel management, you might try the following.

Mileage logs 

In order to know if you’re using fuel efficiently, you need to know how far it’s getting you. Have each lorry fitted with mileage logs that the drivers need to keep track of. They should turn in the mileage logs a couple days before payday.

Have the drivers write down odometer readings, the trip specifics and date and whether or not they refuelled beforehand. They should also write how much fuel they added.

Once the logs are submitted, you can digitalise the information to help you stay on top of which vehicles and which employees are using the most fuel and what their mileage is like. You can also track fuel prices here.

Use fuel tracking software 

This is even better than the average logbook, since you’ll have an electronic version of your fuel mileage that can be sent in to the office on a regular basis.

It also allows the drivers to see what their mileage is. You may wish to add some prizes for those with the best fuel efficiency, just to make it a little more competitive.

Fuel cards 

Giving your drivers fuel cards will permit easy access to fuel and reduced prices. It also allows you to track how much each driver is using.

This will also let you control how much fuel is going out and will enable you to keep track of things without having to pay out cash each time. A fuel card is much easier for your driver to carry, as well.

Wholesale fuel

Need a lot of fuel? Then you may wish to make contact with a wholesale commercial fuel distributor. They’ll be able to provide you with plenty of fuel for your vehicles with a serious discount.

There is no good reason to pay full price for your diesel or other types of HGV fuel when you can get it cheaper through a wholesale distributor.

Running a company with multiple vehicles requires plenty of tracking and paperwork. However, it’s much simpler to handle it all if you have the right fuel supplier.

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