The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has seen oil prices raise to its highest level since July 2008. Now, with the US (and other nations) placing a ban on Russian oil, what will be the lasting effect on oil prices?

With Russia being the third largest oil producer, any disruption to the export of Russian oil will have a direct effect on oil prices here in the UK.

Recently, we have noted a jump in the price of gas amid the Ukraine conflict. This adds to ongoing worries that annual household energy bills could exceed £3,000 over the next year and beyond.

The price of Brent crude has constantly increased as the conflict triggered fears of a shortage of oil on the global markets.

We have seen costs jump in recent months which is reflected in the cost of petrol and diesel at the pumps across the UK.

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You could consider filling up your tank or filling up earlier than usual. With oil prices looking to increase in the coming days and weeks, if prices increase further, you will save money and have enough to last the remaining cold months.

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