If your home is powered by heating oil, then it’s another one of those household chores that you might often forget about.

However, running out of heating oil can damage your system, and nobody wants to be stuck without heat or hot water, especially in the coldest months. That’s why it’s worth finding a supplier who is quick and reliable, delivering oil at intervals to suit you.

Here’s why you should set up a regular delivery and how it can make your life easier.

  1.      Buy in bulk for the best prices

Like many things in life, heating oil can be cheaper when bought in bulk, and this has advantages such as:

  • Only needing to sort out one delivery
  • No worries about running out mid-winter
  • You can stock up for unexpected cold snaps
  • You only have to pay one bill

When you buy in bulk, the oil is simply delivered to your property and the tank filled, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

While some suppliers will sell smaller oil packs for emergencies, collecting heating oil simply isn’t an option for most people, so it’s much easier to just get a delivery.

  1.      No need to find a local depot

Many people who have heating systems with oil have found themselves running out and have had to drive around trying to find a supplier in an emergency.

A regular delivery ensures you never have to make a dash to find a local depot, and don’t waste a day on the road trying to find somewhere that’s open. Since many homes that use heating oil are rural, this is a big relief.

  1.      One call and it’s sorted

Being a homeowner is tough as there’s always so much to think about and do. It’s so easy to overlook something like ordering heating oil when you have other maintenance jobs to do. However, nowadays it just takes a simple phone call to sort out your oil needs.

There is no need to travel to the depot and put your order in person, one call sorts it all out, so you can just wait for the delivery.

  1.      Safety

We’ve all had situations where we’ve had to get an emergency supply of oil, which means heavy lifting and having to carry an inflammable material in the car. For safety’s sake, it’s much easier to get oil delivered, as it’s simply brought to your home in a tanker, then your home tank is filled up.

You don’t have to lift a finger, and you can order the quantity you need, so there’s no need to fill it up in small increments. This also ensures that the oil has been stored properly before it enters your tank, so you can be sure of a quality product.

Make life easier by booking regular heating oil deliveries with Western Fuel. We are based across the South West and are the region’s leading experts on heating oil. Simply call us on 01278 431451 or e-mail info@westernfuel.co.uk for a friendly, reliable service.