Do you need some more information about anything related to Western Fuel?

Then one of our team will be more than happy to help! Our headquarters are based in Somerset, and we have locations across the South West that can assist you with any of your fuel needs. Please call 01278 431451 or email

How can I order heating oil?

You can order your home heating oil online using our simple instant quotation tool on our website. Simply click on Instant Quote, fill in the required information and click get a quote. You can then place the order after selecting your delivery date and any additives or additional services you may require. Alternatively you can order by phoning one of our team at our offices here in Somerset by calling 01278 431451.

When will my oil be delivered?

When you placed your order, you will have been given a delivery window. You can request to be added to our SMS text reminder to receive a message 24 hours before your delivery will be made. If you wish to receive a text message or enquire on when you can expect your delivery, you can call our routing team on 01278 431451.

What happens if you can't deliver how much I ordered?

When order placed over the phone, if we cannot fit the full amount you ordered in your tank, the remaining value of the oil will be applied as credit to your account. If you wish to receive a refund, you can call our accounts team on 01278 431451. If ordered online, the amount will be automatically refunded. The remaining credit will be refunded within 14 days. If you have not received your refund within this time, please call our accounts team on 01278 431451.

Do I need to be at home for my delivery?

No, you do not need to be at home for your delivery so long as you have left open any access gates or left delivery instructions on how to access your property. The driver will deliver your invoice as proof of delivery.

How much is heating oil?

Heating oil prices can vary dramatically from day to day. In order to gain the most accurate price, you can use our online quotation tool or call one of the team here at Western Fuel on 01278 431451.

What is a service charge?

We now have a service charge on online orders to bring us into line with other industry websites who do the same. This makes it easier to compare the best price for your delivery and ensures we can support our continued investment in technology whilst providing outstanding customer support.

You will just now find the service charge itemised and included in the total price and the separate pence per litre price displayed. We still offer the best price by ordering online and find that we match or better the price offered by other competitors.

How much heating oil do I need?

How much heating oil you require will greatly depend on a variety of factors. From the size of your home to how many people live at the address. We would be able to advise on the amount you may need by discussing your requirements with one of our advisors by calling 01278 431451. If you are new to heating oil, we recommend giving one of our team a call to discuss your needs.

Can I spread the cost of my heating oil?

Yes! We offer a direct debit scheme to help spread the cost of your heating oil. Coupled with our automatic top up service, this means you will not only never run out of oil, but spread the costs like you would if connected to the mains. *You will need to have made at least two direct debit payments before receiving your first order.

What tanker do I need?

We have a fleet of small 4 wheelers, standard 6 wheelers or our baby tankers which operate across our network. Most properties will be delivered in either a 4 or 6 wheeler as these will be able to deliver to properties where refuse collection vehicles fit. However, for harder to reach properties we can offer our baby tanker which can access those properties which are a little more remote or where access is impaired. As always you can discuss any concerns with one of our advisors by calling 01278 431451.

Who can use Fuel Cards?

Anyone can use Fuel Cards; however, we do have a minimum of 350L per month to qualify. You can speak to one of our Fuel Card experts to work out what requirements you have for yourself and your business.

What are the benefits of using a Fuel Card?

Fuel Cards are a quick, convenient way to pay for fuel and will enable you to manage your fuel usage across multiple vehicles. They also bring an average saving pf up to 10ppl! Our range of cards also means you get access to a wide variety of forecourts across the UK.

What types of Fuel Cards does Western Fuel offer?

We offer Keyfuels, Fastfuel and Esso Fuel Cards. Our team can recommend the best for your business based on usage and your location.

How do I pay for my fuel?

You simply use your Fuel Card at checkout rather than a debit or credit card. You are then invoiced monthly, and payment is taken via Direct Debit. You will receive your invoices and transaction breakdown via email.

What Fuel stations can I use?

Depending on the card you use you can fill up from a range of stations which you can view by using our Fuel Finder Tool. Across all three of our current cards, we have a network of over 8,000 sites.

Are there any minimum requirements to apply for a Fuel Card?

The only requirement would be the 350L monthly usage.

How many cards can I have?

You can have as many cards as you require as you will need one per vehicle across your fleet. You can cancel any of the cards at any time if you sell or no longer use that vehicle.

How long will it take to receive my Fuel Card?

Our cards have a maximum of a 7-day turnaround from receiving all your paperwork which will be sent to you by your account manager. The 7-day shipping will also be affected by the postal system so if you do not receive your card within 7 days, please contact us at or call 01278 431451.

When will I be invoiced for my fuel?

We invoice weekly on a Tuesday for the fuel used that previous week.

Who can I speak to if I have a question about my account?

If you have a question about your cards or account, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager who will be on hand to assist you. Alternatively, you can contact or call 01278 431451 and one of the team will get back to you.

How do I cancel one of my cards?

Once you have your cards, you will have access to your own online portal where you can order or cancel cards on your account 24-7. Alternatively, you can give the Fuel Card team a call on 01278 431451 and we will be able to assist you.

How do I update my payment method or personal information?

You can easily update your payment method by calling the team on 01278 431451 or by emailing us at

Can I get my credit limit increased?

Your credit limit is calculated upon opening the account and trading history. You can request a credit limit increase by contacting one of the team.

Why have I received an invoice when I paid at the time of ordering?

VAT Invoices are always sent for your records, regardless of pre-payment. They will show the quantity delivered and the cost of the delivery and will not show if payment has been received.

Why have I received a reminder letter / Final Demand / Notice before proceedings when I have already paid my invoice?

If payment was made on the same day the letter is dated, the letter went out before we had received payment so disregard the letter. If you paid the invoice but have continued to receive letters, there may be an outstanding balance e.g. VAT unpaid etc.

How often should I get my boiler serviced?

Most manufacturers recommend that boilers should be serviced once a year. Call one of our boiler services team on 01278 431451 to book one of our OFTEC engineers for a free consultation.

How much is a boiler service?

Our boiler servicing starts at £135 please call one of the team on 01278 431451 for an emergency callout. We will give you a breakdown of an estimate for the work we suggest you undertake.

How often should I get my Aga Serviced

We recommend at least twice per year if you run the Aga all year round. If you only run during the winter months, we recommend once per year before you begin to use the Aga.

How much is an Aga Service?

Our Aga Services start at £180, please contact one of the team on 01278 431451 for more information and a bespoke, free of charge quotation.


Greg Stacey

Faultless service. Ordered online at a very competitive price and delivered very quickly at no extra cost (cheaper than Boiler Juice). Western Fuel has delivered to us previously through Boiler Juice… this time I thought I would cut out the middle man and go direct. Very friendly delivery guy. All round, very happy with the service.

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Thanks so much for getting my delivery to me today I had about 2” left & I had been waiting for my previous supplier to deliver for 24 days never again.
Thanks again for the prompt service

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Joanne McMillan

Called at 7:45 this morning after my boiler broke down yesterday, the plug said we had 4 bars but the tank turns out was empty.
Initially been told it would be the middle of next week for a delivery, I explained to the lady I hadn’t any hot water & she said she would speak to the delivery team & try for tomorrow- got home now and they have delivered today at 11:30am.
Now that deserves a Five Star review. Just got to get the boiler back working now
facebook logo

Chrissie Taylor

Thank you for your excellent service over the past (nearly) 3 years!  And, in particular, for Jacks exemplary and very kind assistance throughout, and recently.

google logo

Ann and Brian Oldham

We have used Western Fuel for oil delivery for 30 years. They have always given excellent service and the people working for them are polite and a pleasure to see. Recently Western Fuel arranged for us to have a new tank installed. The service we received from them was excellent especially when the Aga went out. As a result they serviced the Aga and solved the problem very quickly. A local company working for local people is no cliche – it really happens.

google logo

John Elphick

Brilliant service with very friendly and knowledgeable staff, would definitely recommend and will certainly use them again.

facebook logo

Emily Lyons

Fantastic service from Western Fuel. Completely out of fuel due to the incompetence of another Company. Called on Monday and they offered me delivery that Thursday for no extra cost. Next I know is we get a text through Monday evening saying it will be here tomorrow and the house is now warming up nicely again. Thank you so much Western Fuel! Won’t go anywhere else now.

google logo

Madge Burman

Thankyou so much. Took my eye off the ball and oil ran out. Phoned Thursday. Couldn’t be delivered till 19th, 8 days. Explained I had no heating or hot water. Because I was close by, squeezed me in for next day delivery. 5 star service.

facebook logo

Martin Roberts

Did the yearly ring around for heating oil prices then came back to Western fuel and they matched it. Always polite staff both in the office and the tanker drivers. Will go out of their way to help at any time.

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Sherry Cannon-Jones

Absolutely blown away by the fantastic service today.They went out of their way to get us back up and running with our boiler. Not long moved into this house and thought we needed more fuel as no hot water this morning. They could have just taken my order and my money but during our conversation they felt something didnt add up and so one of their engineers came out, took a look and got the boiler working again (it was not that we needed more fuel as I thought) Have placed the order anyway and will use these guys from now on.

facebook logo

Edward Lane

Fantastic service, great communication, good price, and very helpful staff!! Always use Western Fuel for our heating oil needs.

facebook logo

Maggie Johnstone

AMAZING service – helped me out of a really tight situation as we were running out of heating oil having been let down by another company. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

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