Today, many different companies and industries rely on commercial fuel oil to run their business. Whether it’s to fuel HGV fleets across the UK or to fuel construction equipment for a large-scale project, commercial fuel oil is required all over the world every single day.

There are a number of different fuel oils available, from kerosene and diesel fuel to marine fuel and industrial heating oil, all of which a number of different industries rely on.

From powering vehicles and industrial machinery to heating systems, railways and so much more, commercial fuel oil is required far more than you may at first think.

Read on to learn about the different types of fuel oils and the industries that benefit from them.

Heating oil

While heating oil is commonly used for domestic purposes, the same oil is also sold commercially to businesses for similar purposes.

There are lots of houses in the UK that are not connected to the national grid and instead rely on heating oil to heat up their homes and, similarly, there are many businesses that rely on this type of oil too.

Whether it is to warm up the flooring of a warehouse or simply heat up an office, heating oil is essential within many industries.

Diesel fuel

One of the most common fuels used in commercial industry is diesel, typically to fuel different types of machinery and vehicles.

In fact, diesel is a crucial part of numerous business operations; without it, companies would not be able to fuel their vehicles and therefore transport would be restricted, resulting in a loss of profit and custom.

Diesel is essential to the process of transporting goods all over the globe; in fact, national and international trade is absolutely crucial to the successful operation of many commercial industries. For example, without diesel for transport, how would our vegetables end up in the supermarkets? How would clothes end up on the rails in the shops? How would our essential medication get to our local pharmacies? For businesses to flourish, fleets of vehicles need to travel over the entire country, delivering items and picking them up. In order for lorries to navigate the globe easily, diesel fuel is required.

Other commercial fleets that may rely on diesel fuel also include public bus companies, emergency service departments, haulage companies, removalist companies and more. Factories, multinational pharmaceuticals, hospitals and schools may also require commercial fuel.

Gas oil/red diesel

Just like the commercial industries discussed above, agriculture also relies on vehicles for a smooth and successful operation.

Red diesel, otherwise known as gas oil, 35-second oil, tractor diesel or agricultural diesel, is used to fuel registered off-road vehicles and machinery such as light farming vehicles, tractors, road structure vehicles, mowers and construction vehicles (such as diggers).

These vehicles and pieces of machinery are essential within the agricultural industry – and so is the oil that is used to fuel them. In fact, for many people, their farms are also their homes and therefore it is crucial that they always have a supply of gas oil to keep everything running smoothly. In addition, gas oil is also used to fuel generators – for example, at carnivals or travelling fairs.

Gas oil is similar to normal road diesel. However, a red dye is used to make it distinguishable by the police and VOSO if it is being misused; as red diesel fuel is low-tax, it is also low-cost and should not be used by standard road vehicles.

Tips for saving money on your commercial fuel oil order

As discussed above, whether it’s an office block or an entire farm, it is important for industries that require fuel oil to always be stocked up. Running out of commercial fuel could lead to a loss of custom and therefore a loss of profit, which can be detrimental to a company.

Of course, companies and businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their expenditure and save money – and commercial fuel oil can be an expensive investment if you’re not clued up on ordering it.

Below, we discuss a few ways that companies can save money when ordering their commercial fuel.

Order your fuel in large quantities

It’s always best to order your fuel in large quantities as, to put it simply, the more fuel you order, the cheaper it becomes.

Obviously, the size of your tank will affect how much oil you can store, but it is always recommended that you order in bulk to ensure that you’re saving money where possible.

Consider the different factors that affect the price of commercial fuel oil

The price of commercial fuel oil can be affected by a number of different factors, and can fall and rise accordingly. Always consider the time of year when you are buying fuel oil – generally, oil is cheaper in the summer months and can be more expensive during winter.

This is because the demand for heating oil is lower in the summer, which is why many people choose to stock up in the warmer months.

In addition, the level of demand will significantly affect the price of commercial heating oil. An office, for example, will need more oil during the cold months to ensure that the office is heated and employees are warm.

Construction projects, on the other hand, often take place all year round and therefore the demand for oil in the construction industry is fairly consistent throughout the year. Agricultural industries in the UK often carry out their work over spring, summer and autumn, meaning that their demand for oil during winter is lower. All of these will affect the price of oil.

Find an affordable heating oil company

Finally, in order to get the best deal on commercial oil, it is important that you shop around and find a reliable company.

It’s always a good idea to compare prices and get a few quotes from different suppliers before settling with just one company. You should also always choose a company that offers emergency oil delivery services, just in case.

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