A History Of North Sea Oil

Published: Fri, 13 Sep 2019

A History Of North Sea Oil

Ever since oil became the primary fuel for Britain’s navy and vehicle transportation, oil has been of vital importance to Great Britain. Despite some small-scale oil production, such as Somerset’s own Kilve Oil Works, our island has never been blessed when it comes to oil deposits. As a result of this, the British government took huge efforts to secure large-scale oil supplies, especially leading up to the Second World War. 

Oil prospectors began to look under the nearby sea for deposits after the discovery of the offshore Groningen gas field in Dutch waters in 1959. With the UK Continental Shelf Act of 1964, the UK began seismic exploration and the first wells in the British area of the North Sea. 

Thanks to the 1973 oil crisis where OAPEC (Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries) quadrupled the price of oil in retaliation for the West’s support of Israel during the Yom Kippur War, the extraction of oil from the North Sea exploded. Though the oil crisis caused a recession across Europe, it made previously uneconomical deposits economical. It also made the importance of the UK’s self-reliance in oil supplies all the more important. As a result of these developments combined another oil crisis in 1979, the UK soon became self-sufficient in oil.

The Future Of The North Sea Oil

North Sea Oil production has been in a slow but steady decline since the start of the 21st century as oil fields have begun to mature and new fields have become increasingly difficult to reach. Nonetheless, the oil supplies extracted from the North Sea remain highly important to the British economy.

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