Thanks to geopolitical unrest, global production and weather conditions, the price of crude oil can fluctuate heavily which can have an enormous effect on the price that you pay for your heating oil.

If used in large quantities, heating oil can be a significant expense for any company or private individual – this is why you should strive to find the best possible price!

Here is our guide to sourcing the best heating oil prices.

Compare fuel oil prices

The price of heating oil can vary significantly across the country and between different suppliers. Like most products, it is always best to get a wide range of quotes from different companies so that you can compare them before making a final decision.

Internet-based suppliers offer free estimates but these are only guide prices. If you want more detailed figures then it is often advisable to research or check directly with them or local companies.

When making a final decision about a supplier it is a good idea to check out online reviews of the company’s service and see if they possess a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate. This can be located at the top corner of your website bar in the shape of a padlock icon and confirms that the website is secure.

It’s always worth noting that you should always be ready to change supplier if you can get a better deal elsewhere, so compare prices regularly!

Haggle for your oil prices

If you have found a better heating oil price elsewhere, it is a good idea to see if your existing heating oil provider is willing to match this figure or even beat it.

This way you get a better price and you don’t necessarily have to go to the effort of changing suppliers. If your existing supplier is unwilling to budge, then you also have the option of seeing if another supplier (who may have better service and reputation than the cheapest one) is willing to negotiate.

In short, each supplier is fully aware of how their prices compare to their rivals and they fully expect you to query their price. Its staff are likely to have the authority to try and save you as a customer so it’s always worth trying.

Watch out for hidden costs

The listed price of the heating oil that the supplier quotes to you should always be taken with a pinch of salt. Check whether the supplier charges additional fees for taking payment by credit card or whether using direct debit unwittingly locks you into a contract.

Entering into a contract isn’t always a bad thing; it can get you a better price and might even protect you from price rises if global crude oil prices go up.

You should nevertheless be careful though as a contract will prevent you from taking advantage of lower prices offered by other companies in the future.

Buy your cheap heating oil in advance

A key strategy for cutting down on your heating fuel bills is planning ahead. Running out of oil and having to pay extra for express deliveries can cut into the savings you have made by switching to cheaper heating oil.

Buying heating oil in the summer when the prices are cheaper is also a good idea. The bad weather that often accompanies winter means that you are risking potential delivery issues. You should however always ensure that you have enough capacity to store your prepared heating oil!

Buy in bulk from your heating oil suppliers

Buying in bulk is a super way of being able to get a better price, but you are limited by how much storage you have. It is always a good idea to top up your tank so that it is nearly full, though you should remember to only fill it to around 90% of its capacity to avoid spillage.

You also have the option of joining a heating oil club that allows you to benefit from cheaper prices. Find out more about them here.

Other ways to save on heating oil costs

Minimise heating oil usage

Getting an excellent price from your heating oil supplier is only half the battle when looking to cut your energy costs. By minimising your heating oil usage, you can save just as much money for the same result.

Installing or upgrading your loft insulation is a relatively cheap and effective method of keeping heat trapped in buildings and therefore decreasing the amount of heating oil used.

It has been found that a properly installed loft insulation for a typical three bedroom semi-detached house with gas central heating can pay for itself within just two years. If you don’t have the spare cash or consider yourself competent at DIY, you may wish to buy the insulation and install it yourself.

Upgrade your boiler

Upgrading your boiler might seem like an unnecessary expense when it is running okay, but constant improvements in energy efficiency in later models make upgrading worth it in the long run.

Alternatively, ensuring that your existing boiler is running as efficiently as it should be can save you lots of cash over a period of time. It is prudent to get it serviced every year so that it is operating at peak performance.

Updating your heating controls is also another way to save on precious heating oil. By turning on the heat only when it is needed, you can save a surprisingly large amount of cash.

There are a number of different types of heating controls that can help you do this:

  • A simple timer which turns off your boiler at set times
  • A programmable timer that allows you to set different temperatures and times throughout the week
  • A room thermostat that automatically measures the temperature of a room and adjusts it accordingly
  • A smart thermostat heating system that gives you the ability to control its operation via a downloadable app on a smartphone
  • A thermostatic radiator valve that allows the temperature adjustment of individual radiators across the building or the ability to turn them off totally

Look after your tank

Having heating oil stored in your tank is not much different than having a bunch of crisp notes in your wallet – so look after your tank! Leakage and theft can cause you to lose a significant amount of money, so take appropriate actions to maintain and secure your tank.

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